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Pilates: The more you do, the more you CAN do!

Posted on May 09, 2012

Remember in high school when you would measure your bicep and compare it with your friends? A big bicep is great, but what good does it do if the rest of your body is weak? Pilates is not about making one muscle bulge. It’s about empowering all the muscles in your body to do more of the things it loves… and it does so by strengthening your movements. Flexibility, balance, control – there are a lot of things at play in an active body. For your whole body to be stronger in motion, your whole body has to get stronger in motion.

As our client Ross says, Pilates is not “exercise for the sake of exercise.” Ross includes Pilates as part of his routine, not just for exercise in the studio, but so that he can go out and get more exercise doing the sports and recreational activates he loves. Through his Pilates sessions at The Lift, he shows no sign of stopping.