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Where the rubber meets the road: 3 questions to ask yourself on the path to fitness

Posted on April 18, 2012

In fitness, as with anything, the road to success is lined with roadblocks, bumps, and detours. Now that the first quarter of the year is behind us, take some time to check your progress and revisit your goals. Whether you are just starting out, or are well along on your journey, the spring months are great time to measure and motivate positive change in your fitness routine. If you’re feeling like your exercise plan is an uphill climb, ask yourself these questions.

Is my plan reasonable?
When it comes to fitness goals, we are all eager to get to where we are going. With some fitness programs it’s easy to try and cover too much ground, only to fizzle out a few weeks later. But remember that progress is a daily decision, not a sporadic burst of energy. The beauty of Pilates and CoreAlign is that challenge is added gradually, specifically tailored to your needs. Your instructor can help map out a plan that is equal parts fun, challenging and safe.

Am I noticing the small signs?
They might not beat you over the head like a giant billboard, but be aware of and celebrate the small indicators of progress. The benefits of Pilates and CoreAlign are comprehensive, so it’s not just one body part you will see improvement in – it’s your full body to the core. One day you may realize that it doesn’t hurt anymore when you squat to check your tires, or that each day you can ride your bike a little farther. In addition to the major milestones, look for and celebrate the small changes too.

Am I keeping my eyes on the road? 
If you reflect too much on where you have been, you lose focus with what’s on the horizon. Instead of wishing you had the flexibility of your 18 year-old-self, look around at your peer group find inspiration from what they do (or don’t do). Being mindful of where you are right now can greatly determine what lies ahead. Anytime you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could do that like I used to” – stop looking back. Who’s to say it isn’t just around the corner?

Finally, while annual goals are great, remember that it’s the dedication to your daily goals that will get you there. Once a realistic and personalized program is part of your daily life, you’re on your way to fitness. Enjoy the ride!

What road bumps have you encountered this year? Stop in to The Lift to find out more ways to stay motivated in the months ahead.