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How to improve your golf swing with Pilates

Posted on June 28, 2011

When you think of how many times a golfer repeats the same swinging motion in 18 holes of golf, it’s not surprising that there are so many injuries associated with the sport. Not only is repetition a problem, the movement of a golf swing is unidirectional so the opposite set of muscles in the body are not engaged and balanced.

Golfers of all levels find that consistent Pilates practice improves their game as well as reduces pain and injuries. In addition, golfers who practice golf-specific Pilates experience superior results in less time. We’ve shared below the top three reasons our golf clients say they love Pilates and how it has helped their golf game.

Tight lower back muscles. One of the main problems that golfers say affect their game the most is a tight lower back. Not only is it painful, a tight lower back limits your range of motion and power in your swing. Through Pilates training, you strengthen the lower back muscles, while increasing flexibility, allowing you to hit the ball farther, and straighter, more consistently.

Joint pain. Another problem area for golfers is pain in the shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and wrist due to the repetitive, unbalanced motion of their swing. Pilates can be tailored to these specific problem areas and over time, you will develop muscle balance and flexibility to remain injury free all season long.

Golfers are detail oriented. One of the reasons that Pilates is so successful with golfers is because it compliments their lifestyle and personality very well. First, golfers generally have a flexible schedule to devote to extra things like Pilates classes. They understand the time and investment needed to see improvement in their golf game and that dedication carries over to their Pilates training. Second, golfers are used to training one-on-one with golf pros and are very detail oriented in their training so they enjoy the similar environment that Pilates offers.

Have you tried Pilates to help your golf game? If so, what has been the greatest impact on your performance?