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We Make Every Day Better — For a Lifetime

Posted on March 18, 2014

When thinking about changing parts of your routine to build a better life and a happier body, taking classes at The Lift Pilates Studio in Fox Point should rank high on the list.

“Its like life insurance for their spine,” The Lift owner Patty McNichols said. “It helps people move better, feel better. It’s challenging for the mind, it never is boring — and anybody can do it.”

The Lift Pilates Studio offers Pilates mat classes, Reformer classes, Cardiolates and CoreAlign classes. The studio also offers one-on-one sessions, and, in fact, recommends starting with individual sessions for Reformer classes, for example, so that people can understand how to use the equipment safely before joining a group session.

From triathletes to dancers, tennis players and swimmers — the list goes on for the type of people who can benefit from infusing classes at The Lift into their lifestyle. Individuals who are preparing for or recovering from surgery are often referred to the studio, as well as those looking to continue exercising their body post-physical therapy.

“There’s never a wrong time to do it,” Patty said.

Instructors at The Lift Pilates Studio have extensive backgrounds in the field. The small class sizes offer a great advantage over a larger gym, as all participants get the benefit of the “expert eye” of the instructor.

“The teachers are not exercising with the clients, they are training and educating through the class,” Patty said. “Because of the small classes and the privacy people feel less intimidated. the whole goal is to not get hurt and to be successful, to get results.”

Sign up for classes online right now — we look forward to seeing you!