Pilates: The more you do, the more you CAN do!

Posted on May 09, 2012

TweetRemember in high school when you would measure your bicep and compare it with your friends? A big bicep is great, but what good does it do if the rest of your body is weak? Pilates is not about making one muscle bulge. It’s about empowering all the muscles in your body to do more Read More…

Hit a home run with Pilates and CoreAlign®

Posted on May 02, 2012

Tweet Think about throwing a ball. Now think about swinging a bat, running from a standstill, reaching for a catch, sliding into home – all of the things baseball players do. What muscles are you relying on the most? As you can imagine, the answer is “all of them” – from head to toe. That’s Read More…

Don’t grow old. Just keep growing! Pilates and CoreAlign™ for seniors

Posted on February 22, 2012

TweetWhat do you want to be when you grow up? For Ted and Hattie Purtell, the answer continues to be ACTIVE. Through their Pilates and CoreAlign sessions at The Lift, Ted and Hattie are able to do the things they love: skiing, scuba diving, sailing, gardening and more. Like us, they believe that once you Read More…

Feeling it 24-7! Pilates and body awareness

Posted on February 15, 2012

Tweet Nothing beats the feeling you get after a great workout. But how much of that feeling do you leave behind in the gym? With Pilates, we find that behaviors learned in the studio become ingrained with everyday life. Unlike fitness programs where it can be easy to zone out, Pilates puts your brain to Read More…

Pilates and CoreAlign: The keys to the fountain of youth

Posted on September 14, 2011

TweetGrandparents Day might seem like one of those holidays invented by a greeting card company, but actually, the first Sunday after Labor Day was designated by Jimmy Carter, as a day to honor our grandparents and learn from their wisdom. Many of our parents and grandparents, having lived through the fitness boom of the 1970’s, Read More…

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