WHAT IS CoreAlign®?
CoreAlign® is an exercise program unlike any other. It stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. CoreAlign® exercises are performed in a standing position, bringing weaknesses and instabilities in the body to the forefront so they can be corrected. Designed by top physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, once mastered, the CoreAlign® workout can give a cardio kick and challenge major muscle groups. Clients of all fitness levels feel the difference in posture and gait after 1 session. The Lift is the first and largest studio in Wisconsin to offer CoreAlign®, as well as the only Teacher Training facility in the state.


Private CoreAlign® Session
Clients work one-on-one with an instructor on the CoreAlign® equipment. This session is highly recommended if you have an injury or have not exercised in a long time. A 55-minute private session allows the instructor to personalize your CoreAlign® workout and tailor it to your needs.

CoreAlign® Group Classes
The Lift CoreAlign® program consists of 3 consecutive phases, preparing you for Advanced Level drop-in classes, which allow for more scheduling flexibility based on your own calendar.

CoreAlign® Phase 1
Explaining the basics of CoreAlign®, the vocabulary and the equipment, this class will focus on exercises that target better body alignment and control. Phase 1 consists of 10 one-hour classes which meet twice a week for 5 weeks. There is a maximum of 10 people per class.

CoreAlign® Phase 2
Building upon work from the Phase 1, this class also meets twice a week for 5 weeks. This Phase progresses vigorously towards Phase 3, the most challenging phase.

CoreAlign® Phase 3
This phase continues to meet twice a week for 5 weeks and builds momentum towards challenging, advanced exercises. Students will leave this phase armed with the skill needed to join CoreAlign® Advanced Level classes.

CoreAlign® Advanced Level Classes
Advanced Level classes are for clients who have completed all three phases of The Lift CoreAlign® Program. These classes will continue to challenge and push you towards even more core controlled aerobic training. Advanced Level classes provide clients with the flexibility to schedule online. Class times can be found on our current class schedule and are listed as Beginner|Advanced, Intermediate|Advanced and Advanced|Advanced. Please consult your instructor for approval before signing up for Intermediate or Advanced classes.

All sessions and classes are by appointment only. Please bring clean sneakers to participate.