The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is a system of exercises created by Joseph H. Pilates to provide a full body workout. The initial focus of these exercises is to strengthen and lengthen the postural muscles deep within the body, like the abdominals, buttocks, hips and inner thighs. As core stability is strengthened, Pilates helps to works to balance the body and re-align the spine, improving flexibility and coordination. The Pilates Method creates the elongated, supple muscles beneficial for all walks of life – athletes in training, those recovering from injury, new moms, teens, seniors and everything in between – anyone wishing to sculpt their body towards improved core strength. Instead of merely targeting one muscle at a time, Pilates is an overall body fitness system fostering an awareness and balance between body and mind.

Joseph Pilates created this exercise program over a span of 60 years. He was quoted as saying, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, in 20 you’ll see a difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” – and we couldn’t agree more.



Private Pilates Session
During private sessions, clients work one-on-one with an instructor using the Pilates equipment. A private session allows the instructor to personalize and tailor a workout just for you and your body. This session is highly recommended if you are new to Pilates, have an injury or have not exercised in a long time. Private sessions are approximately 55 minutes.

Duet/Trio Pilates Session
A duet/trio session consists of two or three clients working with one instructor on the Pilates equipment. These sessions are best for those who are not injured and are relatively conditioned. It is recommended that you supply your own partner, but we can also pair you with someone of similar ability, goals and body type. Knowledge of the Pilates order and spring settings is just one of the many benefits to a 55 minute duet/trio session.

Reformer Foundation Session
This is a prerequisite to joining the Beginner Reformer class. It’s a 55-minute private session at a reduced rate, which introduces the fundamental Pilates movements, principles and explains the basic skills to move onto group classes successfully. Usually 2 Foundation sessions are recommended.

Reformer Group Class
Paced and designed to move fluidly and sequentially, a Reformer class guides the body towards uniform usage and development, proper alignment and elongated musculature. Clients will develop the knowledge of Pilates and the spring settings. Reformer classes are best for those who are not injured. This class is limited to 6 people and lasts approximately 55 minutes.

Pilates Mat Class
These classes focus on the Pilates mat work developed by Joseph Pilates. This is a great class for those wanting a challenging workout and deeper understanding of Pilates. Mat classes are a great complement to private sessions and other classes offered at The Lift. Classes are leveled and limited to 10 people.

Reformer Jump Board Class
If you are looking to add a Pilates inspired cardiovascular workout to your regimen, this class is for you!! The jump board is a standard piece of Pilates equipment used on the Reformers to provide a fun, challenging alternative designed to rev up your cardiovascular system. Clients will enjoy an intense, efficient, low impact workout which raises the heart rate while working the core. This 30-minute class is limited to 6 clients who have experience on the Reformer and are injury free.

Pilates Group Classes are broken down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. If you are unsure about your level, please consult your instructor before signing up for a class.

All sessions and group classes are by appointment only.