Studio Etiquette

At The Lift, we want our studio to be your stress-free sanctuary. In order for everyone to have a positive experience, we ask that all of our clients review our studio etiquette. Please note that these guidelines are to ensure everyone’s comfort, safety and success.

  • Please check in with the front desk when you arrive
  • No cell phones or Apple watches in the studio
  • Avoid using any scented products of any kind (including products for hair, essential oils, lotions, cologne and perfumes)
  • Hand washing is required pre and post workout.
  • Be courteous and quiet
  • Wear tight fitting, comfortable clothing
  • Please take off any dangly jewelry or metal body decorations before your session
  • No zippers, buttons or any other metal decorations are allowed on clothing
  • Please refrain from chewing gum in class
  • For cleanliness, please wipe down any equipment used while in the studio. We provide marked bottles for cleaning the equipment.
  • Please use one towel per person for each piece of equipment used.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before scheduled class
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, admittance to a class is at the discretion of the instructor
  • No street shoes are allowed beyond the reception area
  • Socks are required in the studio. If you forget your socks, we have socks to borrow. We sell Toe Sox at the Front Desk.
  • The Lift Pilates Studio is not responsible for any articles that are lost, stolen, or damaged.